HCV Testing Guidelines

AASLD HCV Testing and Linkage to Care,
AASLD and IDSA 2015

Recommendations on testing and linking individuals to care

Blood Tests to Diagnose Fibrosis or Cirrhosis in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection: A Systematic Review;
Roger Chou, MD, and Ngoc Wasson, MPH; Ann Intern Med.2013;158:807-82

Many blood tests have been proposed as alternatives to liver biopsy for identifying fibrosis or cirrhosis. This study was to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of blood tests to identify fibrosis or cirrhosis in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection

OraQuick Rapid Antibody Test, Step-By-Step Instruction Guide

Step by step guide on how to use the OraQuick rapid antibody test. Warnings, restrictions, precautions and limitations of the test are not included in this abbreviated step by step instruction guide

Viral Hepatitis: New U.S. Screening Recommendations, Assessment Tools and Treatments;
Corinna Dan, MPH, RN, Michelle Moses-Eisenstein, MPH, and Ronald O. Valdiserri, MD, MPH; AJN, July 2015, Vol. 115, No.7

ECDC Technical Report:
Surveillance and prevention of hepatitis B and C in Europe 2010
This literature review is to obtain insight into HBV and HCV prevalence, burden of disease, and national screening policies and their effectiveness in EU countries.

Evaluation of Three Rapid Screening Assays for Detection of Antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus;
Bryce D. Smith,1 Jan Drobeniuc,1 Amy Jewett,Bernard M. Branson,Richard S. Garfein,Eyasu Teshale,Saleem Kamili,and Cindy M. Weinbaum; The Journal of Infectious Diseases 2011;204:825–31

Three manufacturers, Chembio, OraSure, and MedMira, submitted HCV antibody (anti-HCV) rapid screening assays to the CDC for evaluation and comparison with established anti-HCV screening assays. The panel consisted of 1100 specimens drawn during 1997–1999 from persons reporting injection drug use. Sensitivity and specificity were assessed using 2 reference approaches, one based on the reactivity of samples in an anti-HCV screening assay and the other based on CDC HCV testing algorithm.

These are the first guidelines dealing with hepatitis C treatment produced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and complement existing guidance on the prevention of transmission of bloodborne viruses, including HCV. They are intended for policy-makers, government officials, and others working in low- and middle income countries who are developing programmes for the screening, care and treatment of persons with HCV infection.

Step-by-Step Instructions For OraQuick® HCV Rapid Antibody Test

These instructions are only a Reference Guide. For complete information including restrictions, precautions, and limitations of the test, refer to the OraQuick® HCV Rapid Antibody Test Package Insert

Press Announcements:

FDA Approves First Genotyping Test for Patients with Hepatitis C Virus
FDA approves first genotyping test for patients with hepatitis C virus



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