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c/o De Regenboog Groep
European Harm Reduction

Droogbak 1d
1013 GE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel. +31 20 570 7829
fax.+31 20 420 3528


Correlation - European Harm Reduction Network is co-funded by the European Union, receives financial support by Gilead Science Ltd. and by Abbvie Biochemicals Sarl for training purposes from time to time.


The new EU project FENIQS-EU will focus on the actual application of quality standards and factors stimulating/hindering implementation. FENIQS-EU starts in April 2021. Stay tuned!
#harmreduction #cehrn #feniqs_eu #drugdemandreduction #EU

Migration and Health Webinar Series by TBEC will take place in the coming months and the first one on Tuberculosis and Mental Health is due 3rd March, 11:00 CET. For registeration 👉
#HarmReduction #TB #Migration #MentalHealth #HumanRights

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