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c/o De Regenboog Groep
European Harm Reduction

Droogbak 1d
1013 GE Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel. +31 20 570 7829
fax.+31 20 420 3528


Correlation - European Harm Reduction Network is co-funded by the European Union, receives financial support by Gilead Science Ltd. and by Abbvie Biochemicals Sarl for training purposes from time to time.


Are you curious about Good Practices of gen. #health preparedness? Do you want to know more about #SyntheticOpioids preparedness strategies specifically? #SOPREP project is putting publications together. Read its specific report:
#HarmReduction #Overdose

As a part of the @INHepSU Stellite Prog, #CEHRN will hold a workshop titled #HCV #Testing in #Community by the Community, tomorrow on 28 Oct at 11:00am – 12:00pm CEST. It will highlight/document the efforts made by #DrugUser orgs. Joining?

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