Presentation 'Romanian drug policy' pdf
Valentin Simionov, Romanian Harm Reduction Network, Romania

Presentation 'Romanian policy towards Hepatitis' pdf
Marinela Debu, APHA-RO, Romania

Presentation 'HIV outbreak in Greece: Results of the ARISTOTLE study' pdf
Angelos Hatzakis, Dept. of Hygiene, Epidemiology & Medical Statistics, Medical School, University of Athens, Greece

Presentation 'Hepatitis C and drug use. The French model. Hepatitis strategy and implementation' pdf
Brigitte Reiller and Anaïs Courtot, CEID, France

Presentation 'Scotland. Steps to and from a strategy' pdf
Leon Wylie, SDF, Scotland

Presentation 'Evaluation WS 4. First findings. Peer training Porto 30.Sep – 4. Oct 2013' pdfGeorg Farnbacher, CIAR, Germany

Presentation 'Workstream 3 – Literature Review' pdf
Jeff Lazarus, CHIP, Denmark

Presentation 'Peer manual on Hepatitis C including training on community activism' pdfJohn-Peter Kools, FRG, The Netherlands

Presentation 'Policy and advocacy workstream' pdf
José Queiroz, APDES, Portugal

Presentation 'Resource Centre' pdf
Jason Farrell, FRG, The Netherlands